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How does SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring make 0 formaldehyde?

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring color variety, such as carpet pattern, stone grain wood grain, etc., can even be customized, the grain is realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine beautiful decorative effects. The good looks are just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of the SPC Waterproof Flooring. The […]

The Main Features of Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Floor

1,No formaldehyde The source of formaldehyde in the SPC Stone Plastic Floor is mainly glue. The Spc Rigid Core Flooring installation requires glue. The Composite Floor is glued together, so the formaldehyde problem can’t be avoided. The reason why SPC floor can achieve 0 formaldehyde is because of its material and structure.SPC Floor structure is composed of: PUR crystal shield transparent […]

What are the characteristics of SPC Stone-plastic Floor

The SPC Lock Floor has been updated and upgraded over the past three years, from the general version of 3.2mm thickness to the current 4.0mm. In the 18-year factory in South China, a 1.0/1.5mm sound-absorbing pad is added to the base layer of the SPC Stone-plastic Floor. The sound-absorbing pad is added to have a better foot feel […]

PVC Flooring Becomes The Exclusive Floor of Kindergarten

What many people feel very doubtful is why PVC Flooring can be used directly in kindergartens. Many children have higher requirements for product safety. Why use Anti Static PVC Flooring, what are the other floors? Where does the place exist? Most people will add a question mark to their hearts. The following SPC Flooring manufacturers will introduce you to […]

Other Features of SPC Stone Plastic Flooring

Wear-resistant, long service life The general good brand laminate flooring, the wear resistance is about 6000 rpm. SPC Stone Plastic Flooring wear resistance can reach about 16,000 rpm, or even higher.SPC Flooring Tiles has super wear-resistant properties, anti-shock, and is not easily deformed, and its service life is up to 20 years. Easy to install SPC Rigid Flooring in […]