Other Features of SPC Stone Plastic Flooring

  • Wear-resistant, long service life

The general good brand laminate flooring, the wear resistance is about 6000 rpm. SPC Stone Plastic Flooring wear resistance can reach about 16,000 rpm, or even higher.SPC Flooring Tiles has super wear-resistant properties, anti-shock, and is not easily deformed, and its service life is up to 20 years.

SPC Stone Plastic Flooring
  • Easy to install

SPC Rigid Flooring in foreign countries, are to buy back to the supermarket to their own DIY installation. Its lock type adopts international patent, the two side bayonets are aligned, and the buckles are enough to be installed, and the installation is very convenient. The ground does not need to be specially treated, and it can be installed directly after leveling/self-leveling. In addition,Easy Click Vinyl Flooring can be directly paved on the original tiles and on the floor, no need to knock out the old tiles, it is very suitable for the renovation of the old house.

SPC Rigid Flooring
  • Adapt to floor heating, heat preservation and energy saving, no harmful gases

Its stone rock powder base layer is the same as mineral rock, has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, is very suitable for floor heating, and reaches a certain temperature, releasing heat evenly. Its substrate has a flexible rebound layer, and the wear layer on the surface enables effective insulation.SPC Plank Flooring itself is free of formaldehyde and harmful substances and will not release formaldehyde and harmful gases when exposed to heat.

SPC Plank Flooring