What are the characteristics of SPC Stone-plastic Floor

The SPC Lock Floor has been updated and upgraded over the past three years, from the general version of 3.2mm thickness to the current 4.0mm. In the 18-year factory in South China, a 1.0/1.5mm sound-absorbing pad is added to the base layer of the SPC Stone-plastic Floor. The sound-absorbing pad is added to have a better foot feel and sound-absorbing noise reduction effect; the construction master is in the paving lock. On the Spc Core Flooring , a layer of moisture-proof cotton will be placed on Spc Wood Flooring, and then the floor will be constructed. Moisture-proof cotton is not only cheap, but also greatly increases the comfort of the floor, effectively suppressing Waterproof PVC Flooring from moisture.

SPC Stone-plastic Floor
  • Sound Absorbing Pad: The sound absorbing pad is an ideal sound absorbing decorative material. It has the advantages of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, moisture proof, mildew resistance, easy dust removal, easy cutting, can be parquet, simple construction, good stability, good impact resistance, good independence and high cost performance.
Waterproof PVC Flooring
  • Sound Absorbing cotton is the most common sound insulation material in the room. The construction is very convenient, it can also be moisture-proof and waterproof, and the gas permeability is better, but the flame retardancy of the sound-absorbing cotton is not good, and other flame-retardant measures are needed for indoor use. Gradient sound absorption in sound-absorbing cotton is good, low-frequency, medium-frequency, high-frequency sound absorption effect is good, and sound absorption efficiency is high.
Spc Wood Flooring