The Main Features of Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Floor

1,No formaldehyde

The source of formaldehyde in the SPC Stone Plastic Floor is mainly glue. The Spc Rigid Core Flooring installation requires glue. The Composite Floor is glued together, so the formaldehyde problem can’t be avoided. The reason why SPC floor can achieve 0 formaldehyde is because of its material and structure.
SPC Floor structure is composed of: PUR crystal shield transparent layer, pure PVC wear layer, rich color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, soft and silent rebound layer.

SPC Stone Plastic Floor

2. Waterproof, fireproof, no deformation, no foam, no mold.

As mentioned above, the main component of Rigid Core Lvt Flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. Naturally, it is not afraid of water. The bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and balcony can be used.
SPC flooring material is natural flame retardant, fire level reached B1 level, so nowadays many public spaces use SPC Laminate Flooring for this reason, because laminate flooring and carpets are afraid of fire.

Rigid Core Lvt Flooring

3, Non-slip, flexible, good foot feel
The surface layer of SPC floor is treated by PUR crystal shield. The surface insulation performance is good. The board substrate is added with flexible resilience technology layer, which has good flexibility and resilience, surface material and unique process. The anti-slip design will make the Spc Lvp Flooring “better” after encountering water, and the friction will become bigger.

Spc Rigid Core Flooring