SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank

What is the SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank in the flooring industry

SPC Interlocking Plastic Floor is mainly composed of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer in a certain proportion to form a composite flooring material. It is a new material invented in response to national emission reductions. Hard SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank is very popular in foreign home improvement markets. It is a perfect presentation for home decoration. SPC Low VOC Vinyl Flooring uses calcium powder as the main raw material and is plasticized and extruded. Sheet, four-roller calendering hot color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly floor, is a true 0 formaldehyde floor.

SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank

SPC Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring is considered as a new generation of flooring materials. Its characteristics are: extremely stable, high performance, completely waterproof, high-density sales core, and indentation resistance; it can be easily installed on different types of ground bases, concrete, ceramic or Existing flooring; this is formaldehyde-free, completely safe floor covering material for residential and public environments.

SPC Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring

The advantages of SPC Click Lock Vinyl Flooring are fire protection. This can also be an experiment. Spray the alcohol on the floor with a watering can. The entire alcohol will naturally extinguish after burning. Take a wet rag and wipe it on the floor.

SPC Click Lock Vinyl Flooring

It will immediately become dry and clean, without any traces. Her material is naturally flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches B1 level, so now many public spaces choose SPC Waterproof Flooring for this reason, because Laminate Flooring and Carpets are afraid of fire.

SPC Waterproof Flooring

SPC Resilient Flooring is about to set off a wave

PVC Plastic Floor has LVT, WPC, SPC and other categories. Although PVC Gray Vinyl Flooring is not very popular in China, PVC New Vinyl Flooring has been widely sought after in foreign markets because of its good quality and high cost performance. PVC Bathroom Vinyl Floor Tiles has gradually become a home improvement trend, and today consumers are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and health. Once domestic consumers have the opportunity to understand the many advantages of this flooring material, it will certainly be widely recognized. It can be seen that PVC Dark Grey Vinyl Flooring will gradually replace the existing common flooring materials and become the new darling of the tooling and home improvement market.

PVC Dark Grey Vinyl Flooring

Comparison of SPC Super Healthy Formaldehyde-free Flooring with Other Composite Floors

  1. High-strength locking system for easy installation

2. Back stick high-grade mute Moisture-proof Floor mat

3. It can be installed even if there are small flaws on the ground

4. Can be installed without a lot of treatment on the floor

5. Suitable for relatively high temperature places

SPC Resilient Flooring

6. Suitable for large-area paving without connecting bars

7. Can be installed in rooms exposed to long-term sunlight

8. Good sound insulation

9. Completely waterproof and moisture-proof

10. No plasticizer

Formaldehyde-free Flooring

11. Zero formaldehyde

12. Impact resistance and surface pressure resistance

13. Suitable for straight-down quick installation system

SPC Rigid Core Plank Flooring production process

SPC Rigid Core Plank Flooring production process

Process: 1. Mixing

Automatic measurement according to the raw material ratio → high-speed mixer hot mixing (hot mixing temperature: 125 ° C, the function is to mix the various materials evenly to exclude moisture in the material) → enter the cold mixing (To cool the materials, prevent agglomeration and discoloration, cold mixing temperature: 55 ℃. ) → Mix the homogeneous materials by cooling.

SPC Rigid Core Plank Flooring

Process: 2. Extrusion

Add a twin-screw extruder and perform heating extrusion → enter the sheet die extrusion molding. The formed sheet passes through a four-roll calender and the base material is set to a thickness → color film → abrasion resistant layer → cooling → cutting.

PVC Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring

Process: 3.UV tempering

Surface UV → Tempering (Tempering hot water temperature: 80 ~ 120 ℃; Cold water temperature: 10 ℃)

Process: 4.Slitting and slotting

Slitting → Slotting, Trimming, Chamfering → Inspection → Packaging

Durable PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank

The components of PVC Stone Effect Vinyl Sheet Flooring are PVC resin powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, carbon black, and the main components are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder. From the bottom to the surface, the plastic floor is composed of a PVC-based color film decorative paper, a wear-resistant layer, and a UV coating. Rigid Core SPC Flooring is an extruder combined with a T-die to extrude the PVC substrate. The three-roller or four-roller calender is used to apply the PVC wear-resistant layer, the PVC Commercial Vinyl Flooring Planks film and the PVC substrate to the heat-applied and embossed product. , The process is simple, the lamination is completed by heat, and no glue is required. The physical index of SPC Durable PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank is stable and reliable, and the chemical index conforms to international and national standards.

Advantages of Homogeneous Roll Floor

The floor Material is very much, there are Solid Wood Flooring, Bamboo Flooring, etc. I don’t know if you have heard of the same quality and transparent plastic flooring? The homogeneous transparent plastic floor is made of PVC Material, which has better life and durability than other plastic flooring. Next, I would  share with you the advantages of the same quality plastic floor.


No.1 Strong decoration
Plastic PVC Flooring has a lot of colors such as carpet, stone, wood and so on. Its grain is realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and beautiful, the cutting and splicing is simple and easy, no color difference, light resistance, no radiation,does not fade if you use for long time  .

Plastic PVC Flooring

No.2 Easy installation and construction, easy maintenance
Plastic Floors do not need to be cement mortar and can be used in 24 hours. It is easy to clean and maintenance free. It is not afraid of oil, water immersion and erosion of dilution of chemicals such as acid and alkali.

Plastic Floors

No.3 Environmental protection and regeneration
Homogeneous Plastic Flooring is the only floor material that can be recycled. It has great significance for protecting the earth’s natural resources and ecological environment.

Homogeneous Plastic Flooring

No.4 Widely use
Due to the unique material and super performance of the Plastic Vinyl Floor, such as easy installation, quick construction, reasonable price and safety, it is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports fields, restaurants, hotels, etc.

 Plastic Vinyl Floor

Advantages and Disadvantages of LVT Floor


N0.1 Green Environmental Protection

The main raw material for the production of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. LVT Floor has been used in people’s daily lives, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

No.2 Super Wear Resistant

The surface of the Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring has a special layer of PVC wear-resistant layer, and its wear-resistant number can reach 300,000 rpm. According to the different thickness of wear resistance, Luxury Click Vinyl Floor can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions. Therefore, PVC floors become increasingly popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large traffic.

No.3 High Elasticity and Super Shock Resistance

PVC floor texture is soft, so it has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. At the same time, PVC floor has strong impact resistance, and  Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor has strong elastic recovery for heavy impact damage and will not cause damage. The latest research data shows that after the excellent PVC floor is paved in a space with a large flow of people, the rate of falling and injury of people is nearly 70% lower than other floors.

Luxury Click Vinyl Floor

No.4 Fire Retardant

The quality of qualified Luxury PVC Floor fireproof indicators can reach B1 level second only to stone.

No.5 Easy Maintenance

If the Luxury PVC Vinyl Floor is dirty, you just wipe it with a mop. If you want to keep the floor lasting, you only need to do regular waxing maintenance, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than that of laminate flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

No.6 Waterproof and Moisture-proof

Since the main component of PVC flooring is vinyl resin and has no affinity with water, it is naturally not afraid of water. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged; and it will not be mildewed due to high humidity.


Non-natural materials, high requirements for the base floor (the base layer must be flat, solid, dry when the LVT floor is laid, the surface of the plastic floor is smooth, the yin and yang angles are square, no ribs, no oil, no dust and no impurities).

How to properly install Stone Plastic Floor

Stone-plastic Floor is a new type of floor newly invented in recent years. It is also called PVC floor. It has the same characteristics as WPC and SPC Floor on the market. It is green and very flexible. It is easy to clean. It has a long service life and uses a natural marble powder to form a solid base layer with high density and high fiber mesh structure. The surface will be covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer. Processed in thousands of processes.

Stone Plastic Floor

Therefore, it is called PVC Floor, so what should you pay attention to when installing Luxury Vinyl Tile?

First of all, we must first test Floating Floors to see if the floor meets the requirements. After the hardness test, the surface hardness of the base layer should not be lower than 1.2 MPa.

Floating Floors

In addition, it is necessary to carry out the sanding treatment on Luxury Vinyl Flooring where the floor needs to be laid, to remove the original stains on the surface, and to fill in the unevenness.The bottoming of Click Vinyl Flooring, the cement mixing, laying and cutting of the pavement need to be professionally adjusted. After confirming the correctness, the real construction can be entered!

Click Vinyl Flooring

The above is a summary of the specific installation of PVC Waterproof Flooring that the company has done for everyone. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult more about the floor.

PVC Waterproof Flooring

Formaldehyde-free Click Vinyl Flooring, but the cheapest

The unsustainability and instability of wood, and the large use of pure solid wood furniture is neither economical nor environmentally friendly.

The formaldehyde content of pure solid wood flooring is indeed small, but whether it can be sustainable and environmentally friendly is not necessarily. The relationship between the solid wood content of the floor and its stability is an inclined downward curve. The higher the solid wood content, the more unstable the floor.

Click Vinyl Flooring

In other words, the less wood, the more stable the floor. From this perspective, the stability is arranged as follows:

Stone Plastic > Reinforced Composite > Multi-layer solid wood > Three-layer solid wood > Pure solid wood

SPC Flooring does not use glue and does not contain wood. It is called “formaldehyde-free flooring”.

■ Stability

The surface of the Luxury Vinyl Click Flooring is PVC color film, waterproof, the base material is hot-pressed stone powder, and fireproof. The kitchen balcony can be paved without cracking.

Spc Core Flooring

■ Thickness

In addition to the kitchen and bathroom balcony, the living room can also use Spc Core Flooring, but it is thinner than other floors and needs to be leveled.

The thickness has little effect on the performance of the Waterproof PVC Flooring, generally 4-5mm is enough.

As for some people seeking a slightly rebounded “feet”, it only means that there are keels, cork pads or other pads under the floor, and it has nothing to do with the thickness of the Spc Wood Flooring.

Spc Wood Flooring

■ Non-slip

Stone Look Laminate Vinyl Flooring replaces tiles in foreign countries, often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

The surface of a good Stone Effect Laminate Vinyl Flooring will be anti-slip, similar to the effect of linen tiles and antique tiles.

The Wear Layer of SPC Vinyl Click Flooring Plank is the key for Quality

In recent years, in the flooring industry, many stone-plastic floors have increased the thickness of the plates from 2 mm to 3 mm, and then to 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm… Fudge consumers, so most consumers naturally think of stone The thicker the SPC Flooring, the more durable it is, and the better the quality. So, is this really the case?

Rigid Core Hybrid Flooring

In fact, the Rigid Core Hybrid Flooring with a thickness of 4 mm has reached the international standard thickness. In addition, for wood flooring, the thickness is not the standard for determining the quality of the floor. The thick plate is the same as the thin plate, and the surface cannot be used once it is worn out. This is especially true for stone-plastic floors. The UV quality of the surface layer is largely related to the service life of the stone-plastic floor, not the thickness of the substrate.

Spc Lvp Flooring is generally composed of four layers of material structure, which are wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and balance layer. The wear-resisting number of household stone-plastic floor should be greater than or equal to 200,000 rpm, and the wear-resisting number of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Planks in public places should be greater than or equal to 300,000 rpm.

Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Planks

How to distinguish the quality of the wear-resistant quality of stone-plastic flooring

  1. It is necessary to look at the test report. There are clear descriptions of the formaldehyde and wear resistance of the floor.
  2.  Vinyl Click Flooring Plank can take a small piece of product, with 180 mesh sandpaper on the surface of the product polished 20-30, if the decorative paper is found to be worn, it means that the wear layer is easy to damage to a certain extent, not wearable. Usually the qualified wear layer is polished after 50 times, the surface layer will not be damaged, and the decorative paper will not be damaged.
  3. Observe whether the surface is clear and has white spots.
Vinyl Click Flooring Plank

How does SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring make 0 formaldehyde?

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring color variety, such as carpet pattern, stone grain wood grain, etc., can even be customized, the grain is realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine beautiful decorative effects.

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

The good looks are just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of the SPC Waterproof Flooring. The main advantage is that the environment is 0 formaldehyde-free installation, of course, there are many advantages such as: fire and moisture, wear-resistant anti-skid, etc. Today mainly said 0 formaldehyde. Speaking of formaldehyde, many people may find it impossible. However, with the development of technology, it has been realized. Next, we will analyze the traditional wood flooring (currently the most popular). The birth of formaldehyde is mainly the glue of the wooden floor, followed by the material of the floor. Because the glue containing formaldehyde is used in the wooden floor because formaldehyde is a good fixative, it has many advantages. The tissue shrinks less and the damage is less, the inherent material is preserved, and the uniform penetration is strong; the tissue hardening can improve the tissue elasticity. Slice; can store fats and lipids; lower cost.

SPC Waterproof Flooring

The use of formaldehyde in SPC Wood Laminate Flooring is essential. Not only does the material need to be glued with formaldehyde, but it also needs to be bonded. Even the Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Floor needs glue to assist in the completion of the gap, so it seems that in order to eliminate formaldehyde, it must be done from the material and installation process, in order to solve the problem fundamentally. The main raw material of Spc Vinyl Planks is made of PVC environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable resources and natural stone powder. Therefore, the floor is absolutely safe and non-toxic. The floor is installed with a lock, which is convenient and simple, and fundamentally solves the problem of formaldehyde in the floor decoration of the customer and the manpower problem of the floor decoration.

SPC Wood Laminate Flooring

The Main Features of Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Floor

1,No formaldehyde

The source of formaldehyde in the SPC Stone Plastic Floor is mainly glue. The Spc Rigid Core Flooring installation requires glue. The Composite Floor is glued together, so the formaldehyde problem can’t be avoided. The reason why SPC floor can achieve 0 formaldehyde is because of its material and structure.
SPC Floor structure is composed of: PUR crystal shield transparent layer, pure PVC wear layer, rich color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, soft and silent rebound layer.

SPC Stone Plastic Floor

2. Waterproof, fireproof, no deformation, no foam, no mold.

As mentioned above, the main component of Rigid Core Lvt Flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. Naturally, it is not afraid of water. The bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen and balcony can be used.
SPC flooring material is natural flame retardant, fire level reached B1 level, so nowadays many public spaces use SPC Laminate Flooring for this reason, because laminate flooring and carpets are afraid of fire.

Rigid Core Lvt Flooring

3, Non-slip, flexible, good foot feel
The surface layer of SPC floor is treated by PUR crystal shield. The surface insulation performance is good. The board substrate is added with flexible resilience technology layer, which has good flexibility and resilience, surface material and unique process. The anti-slip design will make the Spc Lvp Flooring “better” after encountering water, and the friction will become bigger.

Spc Rigid Core Flooring