Why use PVC Click Floor to renovate the old floor of Apartment Business Hotel

At present, driven by the development of the urban economic zone, the second renovation of the hotel Thick Vinyl Flooring has always been a time-consuming, labor-intensive and labor-intensive task. As far as Ceramic Tiles are concerned, floor tiles have a long service life, and color degradation cannot be avoided, and the surface layer has many scratches, affecting Even if the hotel image is demolished and re-paved, it will be troublesome.

There is no need to knock down the floor tiles. Nowadays, the old ground Water Resistant Floor renovation of homes and business places can use PVC Click LVT Plank Flooring.

The flatness meets the requirements of the ground, whether it is Floor Tiles, Solid Wood, Composite Wood, Reinforced Wood, PVC, Oak LVT Floor, Cement Floor can be directly paved, convenient, fast, simple and effective.

So how to deal with the flatness requirements?

Look at the damage and deformation of the tiles to provide solutions:

1 severe damage; 2 surface height difference; 3 individual tile damage; 4 tile break; 5 tile depression; 6 tile gap is obvious; 7 tile surface has raised patterns; 8 tile deformation and so on.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

We chose question 3 to provide a solution.

The damage of individual tiles is relatively easy to solve. We only need to remove the damaged tiles, fill them with cement slurry, and then do self-leveling treatment after drying, so that the ground of the patch has hardness and flatness, so as to achieve PVC Bathroom Vinyl Floor Tiles Lock Floor-to-ground installation requirements.

PVC Vinyl Floor Tiles