Installing new floors can completely transform the look and feel of your home. If you’re considering an update, waterproof luxury vinyl is one of the hottest flooring trends. The category offers gorgeous, realistic wood and stone looks combined with extreme durability. Luxury vinyl flooring has advanced rapidly in recent years as vinyl suppliers incorporate cutting-edge technology into their planks and tiles.

But not all luxury vinyl is created equal. The quality of materials and manufacturing varies widely among vinyl flooring suppliers. Choosing the right source is essential to getting floors that live up to their luxury name at a reasonable price.

This guide covers what to look for when searching for a waterproof luxury vinyl flooring supplier. We’ll explore:

  • Hallmarks of quality vinyl planks and tiles
  • How to waterproof core construction prevents moisture damage
  • Signs of outstanding durability and scratch resistance
  • Available luxury vinyl looks, textures, and formats
  • Brands known for excellence and innovation
  • Questions to ask dealer showrooms
  • Red flags to avoid inferior vinyl products

Follow these tips to help find the perfect luxury vinyl flooring options and the best vinyl flooring supplier you can trust.

Assess Luxury Vinyl Flooring Quality 

With several brands on the market, judging vinyl flooring quality comes down to examining the materials and manufacturing. Be wary of vague claims that mean little without evidence. Here are key indicators of excellence:

100% Waterproof Core 

The hallmark of quality luxury vinyl is a 100% waterproof core. Advanced cores like solid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or limestone composite prevent moisture damage. Many vinyl planks snap together with water-resistant joints as well. Waterproof flooring benefits include your floors, which can tackle leaks, pets, and wet feet without issue.

Look for a warranty that specifically covers waterproof performance. The best vinyl flooring comes with a lifetime moisture warranty. Avoid vinyl labeled simply as water-resistant rather than 100% waterproof.

Durable Wear Layer

The thick, transparent top layer protects against scratches, dents, and wear. The best luxury vinyl flooring options have a urethane or ceramic-infused wear layer of 20 mil (0.5 mm) or thicker. The vinyl flooring durability layer has maintained a like-new look under heavy foot traffic for decades.

Thicker is better for resilience; consider 30 mil wear layers or above for better vinyl flooring durability. Any trusted or best vinyl flooring supplier will advertise wear layer thickness in terms of “coats,” which refers to layers of urethane or ceramic-bead finish. 4 coats or more indicate better scratch protection.

Quality Clicking System 

How the planks or tiles connect is crucial for longevity and water resistance. Higher-end vinyl floors use a Uniclic-type click-locking system. This creates a tight, gap-resistant seal along the edges thanks to the shape and precise fit of the click joints. A quality click system outperforms glue-down vinyl.

 Look for a substantial clicking mechanism made from strong plastic rather than flimsy, bendable material. Sturdy click joints withstand shifting and expansion through temperature changes and aging.

Superior Vinyl Composition

Check the vinyl composite materials for indicators of quality construction. The best luxury vinyl flooring options consist of three key layers:

  • Bottom non-woven fabric backing prevents distortion 
  • Middle solid PVC or limestone-composite core resists moisture 
  • The top transparent wear layer protects the surface 

Quality vinyl has a minimum of 60% calcium carbonate in the stone-plastic composite core or at least 1 mm thick PVC. Inferior vinyl lacks any backing layer or uses cheap foams in the core that are prone to crushing.

Durable Construction 

Inspect the structure of the vinyl planks or tiles. Luxury vinyl flooring should lay completely flat without gaps, waviness, or bending. Bowed planks indicate potential warping issues.

Tap on a display sample with your fingernail. Quality vinyl has a solid feel vs. a “hollow” sound when tapped that belies cheap foam-core construction. Scrutinize edges for clean, precision milling. Sharply defined edges resist moisture penetration better.

Browse Numerous Realistic Looks

Since luxury vinyl flooring options replicate natural materials, the available patterns and textures should be virtually indistinguishable from real wood or stone. Whether you love the look of barnwood, travertine, maple, or exotics, quality suppliers offer dozens of gorgeous luxury vinyl styles.

Study the texture embossing in wood grains and the subtle veining in stone. Pay attention to the variation between planks or tiles for a realistic appearance. Luxury vinyl captures all the beauty of nature’s finest materials in durable floors designed for simple DIY installation.

Choose the Right Format 

Luxury vinyl comes in both planks and tiles to fit project needs:

  • Planks emulate hardwood floors with long, slim boards in random lengths. Many plank styles click together to float over the subfloor.
  • Tiles recreate the look of natural stone, ceramic, or concrete with square pieces installed in a grid pattern. Tile formats often adhere using grout or adhesive. 

Planks work best for rolling office chairs, where a level surface prevents catching. Grouted tiles perform better on shifting foundations where the grout fills small cracks. Determine whether tiles or planks better suit the space.

Seek Out Trustworthy Brands

With thousands of vinyl products available, researching manufacturer reputation helps narrow choices. Look for established U.S. and European luxury vinyl brands with a long track record of quality. Be wary of upstart suppliers lacking proof of performance.

Leading vinyl companies like Shaw Floors, Armstrong Flooring, and Mannington Mills continue innovating with new technologies and designs. Their product testing and certifications back up their performance claims. Look for the best vinyl flooring supplier or manufacturer with reputable certifications like FloorScore for indoor air quality.

Inspect Warranties Carefully 

The warranty coverage provides a window into how much confidence the manufacturer places in its vinyl flooring. The best luxury vinyl lasts decades, so look for lifetime warranties against wear, fading, and moisture.

Make sure you understand what damage and defects are excluded from coverage, too. Also, confirm if labor costs for repairs are included or if the warranty is strictly materials-only. Ideally, a total replacement warranty indicates standards of quality.

Ask Key Questions at Flooring Showrooms

When visiting local flooring dealers and big-box home stores for your luxury vinyl flooring options, ask intelligent questions to gauge the salesperson’s expertise and learn more about available vinyl products.

A few queries to raise:

  • Does this vinyl offer a 100% waterproof warranty? Is labor included? Waterproof flooring benefits?
  • Vinyl flooring durability? What is the exact thickness of the wear layer on the plank? How many coats is that?
  • Are these planks pure vinyl or a vinyl-limestone composite? 
  • What type of click system do these tiles use? Is it Uniclic/Valinge-licensed?
  • Which luxury vinyl brand do you recommend most? How long have they been in business?

A knowledgeable salesperson should readily have answers. Push for facts and evidence over vague assurances.

Avoid Vinyl Flooring Red Flags

Be cautious of potential red flags when evaluating luxury vinyl flooring options that signal lower quality:

  • No specified wear layer thickness. Many cheap vinyls have less than 20 MIL wear layers.
  • Foam core construction. Inferior to solid vinyl or rigid composites.
  • Peel-and-stick tiles. These do not click tightly together, allowing moisture underneath.
  • Limited warranties under 10 years. The best luxury vinyl offers limited lifetime coverage.
  • No moisture damage warranty was mentioned. Lack of waterproofing causes major headaches. 
  • No-name or generic brands. Stick with proven vinyl producers.

Invest in Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring from Karmfloor

The ideal luxury vinyl strikes the perfect balance of opulent looks, extreme durability, breathability, and affordable pricing. By asking the right questions and scrutinizing product specifications, you can ensure your new floors live up to the luxury label. Focus your search on proven brands, quality materials, and comprehensive warranties for long-lasting satisfaction underfoot.

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