The complete guide about SPC click flooring

SPC click flooring is beautiful and easy to install. With this information, there is no reason you can’t use this flooring option in your home

When you install new flooring or upgrade your existing flooring, you will see that you have many options. One of the options is to consider SPC click flooring.

It is essential to make sure that you know everything there is to know about this type of flooring. Then you will know that there is no chance of regretting your choice. These are everything you need to know about SPC.

What is SPC click flooring?

SPC flooring, also known as Stone Plastic Composite flooring is versatile and reliable. Making it worth the money spent. It can be a great option for residential or commercial property. It is a type of rigid-core vinyl flooring that is made of several layers. Providing more durability and stability than other flooring options.

The first layer, or core layered is made of a mixture of limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, resin, and stabilizers. Yes, you might want to use professionals for the installation, but the result will be worth the effort. You can also choose between different colors and layers for your SPC click flooring.

spc click flooring

spc click flooring

The main features of SPC click flooring

There are a couple of features of the SPC that you need to know if you are still unsure if this is an option for your new flooring installation. These features are what make the SPC different from the latest flooring options.

  • It has a stone-plastic composite
  • Super durable because of the stone core
  • It is completely waterproof and has average sound absorption
  • SPC or vinyl plank flooring is on the more expensive side

Advantages and disadvantages

To make the right decision if you want to install SPC flooring in your home or office, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of this type of floor. This is the only way to decide if this is something you want to have in the long term. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of these flooring options.

The advantages include:

  • There are different design options to choose from. Ensuring that your floors aren’t the same as your neighbor’s.
  • The installation process is easy and simple. This is because of the click-lock mechanism.
  • SPC flooring ensures reduced noise while walking, and it provides comfort under your feet.
  • Some of the types of SPC are really wood-like designs. But wood designs that are more durable than actual wood flooring.
  • It is more affordable than other flooring. This is because of the durability. Once installed, you will have great-looking, durable floors for years to come.

Some of the disadvantages include:

  • It needs to have a leveled, smooth, and dust-free surface before the luxury vinyl can be installed. Without this, you will have a floor that won’t be as durable and long-lasting.
  • If you hoped that the SPC flooring would add to your resale value, you need to rethink it again. You are spending a lot of money on creative flooring, but you will not be able to increase the value of your home.
  • The flooring will be difficult to remove, once it’s installed. You can change the flooring in a couple of years and think that it will be easy.
spc flooring

spc flooring

Maintenance of the flooring

No matter what type of flooring you choose, there is always some maintenance information that you need to know. It isn’t any different from the rigid core SPC. The regular cleaning routine is very simple. You just need to regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove debris and dirt.

With spills, it’s essential to clean it up as soon as possible to avoid damaging the floors. Even if it’s durable, spills can cause the floor to be damaged which will require repairs. It is best to prevent your flooring from scratches and harming your flooring. One way to do this is to place mats and rugs in entryways. Or, anywhere where there is a high-traffic area.

How is the SPC installed?

Installing the SPC click flooring is easier than you might think. There are just a couple of steps that you need to follow to get your floor installed. Even if it’s easy to install, it can become complicated. This is why it’s recommended that you hire a professional for the installation. These are the normal process of installing and creating your SPC flooring.

  • Step 1 is to prepare the subfloor. It needs to be clean, dry, and level before the installation can start.
  • The floor needs to be room temperature before you can start installation. It is recommended that you should wait for at least 48 hours after cleaning to start the installation.
  • The last step is to trim and finish the flooring. Make sure that you leave a small gap around the edges to allow expansion to occur.
luxury vinyl

luxury vinyl


One of the most popular flooring options today is the SPC click flooring. Before you can start installing the flooring yourself, or to hire a non-professional you need to know as much about this flooring as possible. This is why this guide is so important. It is making sure that your new flooring will be durable and long-lasting.