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The application of PVC Plank Flooring in the teaching field has been unstoppable

In recent years, PVC Vinyl Plank Flooring has developed vigorously in the teaching field. In the future, it will replace traditional flooring and become the Preferred Wide Plank Vinyl Flooring in the teaching field. It has become a trend. Why can PVC Textured Vinyl Plank Flooring achieve such good development in the teaching field?

Vinyl Plank Flooring
Waterproof LVT

First, PVC Solid Vinyl Plank Style Flooring (SPC Flooring) is a new type of green environmental protection product, without harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Production materials are also renewable and recyclable. In the process of use and production, it can be truly green.

Second, Anti-fouling and antibacterial. The special UV layer material is added to the surface of the plastic floor, which is very convenient to clean and maintain, just wipe it with a mop. Anti-static and non-vacuum. Even if children in the kindergarten play on the ground, skin contact with the ground will not have much effect.

Solid Vinyl Plank
Solid Vinyl Plank

Third, warm and comfortable. In actual use, the temperature of the surface of the PVC LVT Tile is often within the proper range of the human body. Walking barefoot on the floor will also feel warm and springy. PVC Waterproof LVT has a unique elastic base structure, which not only makes you feel comfortable when stepping on it, but also greatly reduces the pressure on the human body’s back, legs, and ankles caused by standing for a long time, which meets ergonomic requirements.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Fourth, the teaching field is where there is a lot of people, and there are higher requirements on the wear resistance of the floor. The abrasion resistance of PVC Large Vinyl Floor Tiles is mainly guaranteed by the abrasion resistant layer. The wear-resistant layer is a special PVC transparent layer, which has super abrasion resistance, which can ensure that the PVC Light Grey Vinyl Plank Flooring will not be worn during use.

SPC Floor, why environmental protection

How to choose Rigid SPC Flooring 7 x 48, in the eyes of consumers, in addition to cost-effectiveness, appearance and other factors, the most important thing is to be environmentally friendly. It is unknown where the environmental protection is. In fact, the main reference standard for good floor decoration materials is the amount of formaldehyde released. The harm of formaldehyde makes people talk about aldehyde color change. This is why it is difficult for consumers to choose between laminate flooring and laminate flooring. Because the source of formaldehyde happens to be an indispensable process in the production of these floors.

Rigid SPC Flooring 7 x 48

Why is SPC Rigid Tech Vinyl Flooring environmentally friendly?

SPC Rigid Tech Vinyl Flooring

The reason lies in Como SPC Vinyl its production process. No glue is used in the production of SPC Durato Rigid Core Flooring! It does not contain heavy metals, phthalates, and other harmful substances, and is truly 0 formaldehyde. SPC Floor and Wall Waterproofing is a solid base layer made of natural marble powder to form a high-density, high-fiber mesh structure. The surface is covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC Interlocking wear-resistant layer. A high-quality, high-tech research and development of new Plastic Outdoor Floor decoration materials. The texture of the product is realistic and beautiful, super wear-resistant, and the surface is bright and not slippery. SPC Rustic Vinyl Plank Flooring can be called a model of high-tech new materials in the 21st century.

SPC Rustic Vinyl Plank Flooring

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