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In 2020 SPC Plastic Sheet Flooring will be No.1 in the flooring industry

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring (PVC Click Flooring) has had a huge impact on human life since the day it was born. With the development of science and technology, PVC materials are used more and more widely in people’s daily life. Plastic products are used in tableware as small as people’s tableware, and plastic products are widely used in the building materials industry. Natural marble powder is used to form a solid base layer with a high density and a high fiber network structure. The floor covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear-resistant layer is gradually favored by consumers. This is the SPC Commercial Vinyl Flooring.

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

SPC Waterproof Laminate Flooring is also called stone plastic floor tile. The formal name should be “PVC Plank Tile Flooring“. It is a high-quality, high-tech research and development of new floor decoration materials. It uses natural marble powder to form a high-density, high- The solid base layer of the fiber mesh structure is covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear-resistant layer and processed through hundreds of procedures. The texture of the product is realistic and beautiful, super wear-resistant, and the surface is bright and not slippery. It can be called a model of high-tech new materials in the 21st century!

Thickness: 3.5mm-6.0mm, thicker products have better performance in all aspects.

SPC Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Compared with other floor decoration materials, SPC Waterproof Interlocking Flooring has the following advantages:

1. Green and environmental protection; 2. Ultra-light and ultra-thin; 3. Super wear-resistant; 4. High elasticity and super impact resistance; 5. Super anti-slip; 6. Fire and flame retardant; 7. Waterproof and moisture-proof; Noise; 9. Antibacterial performance; 10. Small seams and seamless welding; 11. Simple and easy cutting and splicing; 12. Quick installation and construction; 13. Variety of colors; 14. Resistance to acid and alkali corrosion; 15. Thermal conductivity; 16. Convenient maintenance; 17, environmental protection and renewable; 18, international popularity

Interlocking Flooring
SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank

What is the SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank in the flooring industry

SPC Interlocking Plastic Floor is mainly composed of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer in a certain proportion to form a composite flooring material. It is a new material invented in response to national emission reductions. Hard SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank is very popular in foreign home improvement markets. It is a perfect presentation for home decoration. SPC Low VOC Vinyl Flooring uses calcium powder as the main raw material and is plasticized and extruded. Sheet, four-roller calendering hot color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde-free environmentally friendly floor, is a true 0 formaldehyde floor.

SPC Waterproof PVC Vinyl Flooring Plank

SPC Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring is considered as a new generation of flooring materials. Its characteristics are: extremely stable, high performance, completely waterproof, high-density sales core, and indentation resistance; it can be easily installed on different types of ground bases, concrete, ceramic or Existing flooring; this is formaldehyde-free, completely safe floor covering material for residential and public environments.

SPC Slip Resistant Vinyl Flooring

The advantages of SPC Click Lock Vinyl Flooring are fire protection. This can also be an experiment. Spray the alcohol on the floor with a watering can. The entire alcohol will naturally extinguish after burning. Take a wet rag and wipe it on the floor.

SPC Click Lock Vinyl Flooring

It will immediately become dry and clean, without any traces. Her material is naturally flame retardant, and the fire rating reaches B1 level, so now many public spaces choose SPC Waterproof Flooring for this reason, because Laminate Flooring and Carpets are afraid of fire.

SPC Waterproof Flooring

How does SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring make 0 formaldehyde?

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring color variety, such as carpet pattern, stone grain wood grain, etc., can even be customized, the grain is realistic and beautiful, with colorful accessories and decorative strips, can combine beautiful decorative effects.

SPC Vinyl Plank Flooring

The good looks are just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of the SPC Waterproof Flooring. The main advantage is that the environment is 0 formaldehyde-free installation, of course, there are many advantages such as: fire and moisture, wear-resistant anti-skid, etc. Today mainly said 0 formaldehyde. Speaking of formaldehyde, many people may find it impossible. However, with the development of technology, it has been realized. Next, we will analyze the traditional wood flooring (currently the most popular). The birth of formaldehyde is mainly the glue of the wooden floor, followed by the material of the floor. Because the glue containing formaldehyde is used in the wooden floor because formaldehyde is a good fixative, it has many advantages. The tissue shrinks less and the damage is less, the inherent material is preserved, and the uniform penetration is strong; the tissue hardening can improve the tissue elasticity. Slice; can store fats and lipids; lower cost.

SPC Waterproof Flooring

The use of formaldehyde in SPC Wood Laminate Flooring is essential. Not only does the material need to be glued with formaldehyde, but it also needs to be bonded. Even the Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Floor needs glue to assist in the completion of the gap, so it seems that in order to eliminate formaldehyde, it must be done from the material and installation process, in order to solve the problem fundamentally. The main raw material of Spc Vinyl Planks is made of PVC environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable resources and natural stone powder. Therefore, the floor is absolutely safe and non-toxic. The floor is installed with a lock, which is convenient and simple, and fundamentally solves the problem of formaldehyde in the floor decoration of the customer and the manpower problem of the floor decoration.

SPC Wood Laminate Flooring

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