LVT Stone Plastic Floor Detailed Explanation and Development Prospects

LVT Floor means Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor. LVT Stone Plastic Floor is a high-grade vinyl floor tile. that can simulate realistic wood grain and stone floor;

Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor
  • LVT Wood Grain Stone Plastic Floor, the color pattern obtained from various woods in nature, the wood grain effect can be a bit messy. LVT is not only a surface that can simulate wood grain, but as a flexible floor material made of PVC, LVT is also a charming floor.
  • Flexibility, different from hard materials such as stone and ceramic tile, LVT Limitation Stone Floor gives a more comfortable experience.
  • Whether it is hygienic and non-slip, LVT flooring has a unique anti-slip ability, while ensuring sufficient stain resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Anti-mild and non-worm, wear-resistant and durable, the bottom layer of Vinyl Flooring is a mixture of lime and PVC, the stability is good; the surface layer is pure PVC wear-resistant layer, high wear resistance. Compared with the risk of easy deformation and insects on wooden floors, LVT has the advantages of technology products.
LVT Floors

Compared with ceramic tiles, in terms of color, texture, resolution and simulation effects, the two are comparable, but Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring is lighter, more flexible, warmer, more comfortable to walk, and lower in price, easier to install. 
Compared with laminate flooring, there are many similarities between the two, which are deliberately imitating natural materials, mainly wood, similar in size and size, and can be installed without glue. However, the core layer of the laminate flooring is a fiberboard that is sensitive to changes in humidity, and if it is not soundproofed, the sound is crisp and the LVT does not have these problems. Therefore, LVT has been accepted by the commercial market, and laminate flooring has not yet been established there.

Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring