Why is the Click Lock Floor so Good

In short, Click Lock Flooring refers to the floor pavement process, can be completely nail free, glue free, keel free, directly laid on the ground floor.Compared with the traditional floor, the Rigid SPC floor has the following advantages:

Click Lock Flooring

Strict requirements for base materials

The LVT Click Floor has more strict requirements on the base material – the lock force of the SPC Vinyl Floor mainly depends on the connection between the tongue and groove. Due to the function of the mortise, the density, expansion and relative humidity of the base material of the SPC Click Floor should be stable.

Good overall pavement effect

Due to the function of locking force, the Click Floor extends to all sides as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the problem of internal deformation, and the overall pavement effect is good.

LVT Click Floor

Adhesive free pavement

The traditional Floor needs to be connected with adhesive when it is paved, but the adhesive contains formaldehyde and other chemical components, which is easy to cause indoor pollution if used more, and may not be connected firmly if used less.


The SPC Hybrid floor is easy to be paved without glue, easy to be disassembled and reused, especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores.

SPC Hybrid floor

Durable Waterproof Rigid Core SPC Flooring with Click Lock

Color No: 653002

Durable Waterproof Rigid Core SPC Flooring with Click Lock

Thickness: 5mm with 0.5mm wear layer plus 1.5mm EVA pad

Size: 7.25″ * 48″

8 pcs (1.796sqm) / box

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Advantages and Disadvantages of LVT Floor


N0.1 Green Environmental Protection

The main raw material for the production of PVC flooring is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. LVT Floor has been used in people’s daily lives, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

No.2 Super Wear Resistant

The surface of the Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring has a special layer of PVC wear-resistant layer, and its wear-resistant number can reach 300,000 rpm. According to the different thickness of wear resistance, Luxury Click Vinyl Floor can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions. Therefore, PVC floors become increasingly popular in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large traffic.

No.3 High Elasticity and Super Shock Resistance

PVC floor texture is soft, so it has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. At the same time, PVC floor has strong impact resistance, and  Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor has strong elastic recovery for heavy impact damage and will not cause damage. The latest research data shows that after the excellent PVC floor is paved in a space with a large flow of people, the rate of falling and injury of people is nearly 70% lower than other floors.

Luxury Click Vinyl Floor

No.4 Fire Retardant

The quality of qualified Luxury PVC Floor fireproof indicators can reach B1 level second only to stone.

No.5 Easy Maintenance

If the Luxury PVC Vinyl Floor is dirty, you just wipe it with a mop. If you want to keep the floor lasting, you only need to do regular waxing maintenance, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than that of laminate flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor

No.6 Waterproof and Moisture-proof

Since the main component of PVC flooring is vinyl resin and has no affinity with water, it is naturally not afraid of water. As long as it is not soaked for a long time, it will not be damaged; and it will not be mildewed due to high humidity.


Non-natural materials, high requirements for the base floor (the base layer must be flat, solid, dry when the LVT floor is laid, the surface of the plastic floor is smooth, the yin and yang angles are square, no ribs, no oil, no dust and no impurities).

LVT Stone Plastic Floor Detailed Explanation and Development Prospects

LVT Floor means Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor. LVT Stone Plastic Floor is a high-grade vinyl floor tile. that can simulate realistic wood grain and stone floor;

Luxury Vinyl Tile Floor
  • LVT Wood Grain Stone Plastic Floor, the color pattern obtained from various woods in nature, the wood grain effect can be a bit messy. LVT is not only a surface that can simulate wood grain, but as a flexible floor material made of PVC, LVT is also a charming floor.
  • Flexibility, different from hard materials such as stone and ceramic tile, LVT Limitation Stone Floor gives a more comfortable experience.
  • Whether it is hygienic and non-slip, LVT flooring has a unique anti-slip ability, while ensuring sufficient stain resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Anti-mild and non-worm, wear-resistant and durable, the bottom layer of Vinyl Flooring is a mixture of lime and PVC, the stability is good; the surface layer is pure PVC wear-resistant layer, high wear resistance. Compared with the risk of easy deformation and insects on wooden floors, LVT has the advantages of technology products.
LVT Floors

Compared with ceramic tiles, in terms of color, texture, resolution and simulation effects, the two are comparable, but Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring is lighter, more flexible, warmer, more comfortable to walk, and lower in price, easier to install. 
Compared with laminate flooring, there are many similarities between the two, which are deliberately imitating natural materials, mainly wood, similar in size and size, and can be installed without glue. However, the core layer of the laminate flooring is a fiberboard that is sensitive to changes in humidity, and if it is not soundproofed, the sound is crisp and the LVT does not have these problems. Therefore, LVT has been accepted by the commercial market, and laminate flooring has not yet been established there.

Rigid Core Vinyl Plank Flooring