How to properly install Stone Plastic Floor

Stone-plastic Floor is a new type of floor newly invented in recent years. It is also called PVC floor. It has the same characteristics as WPC and SPC Floor on the market. It is green and very flexible. It is easy to clean. It has a long service life and uses a natural marble powder to form a solid base layer with high density and high fiber mesh structure. The surface will be covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer. Processed in thousands of processes.

Stone Plastic Floor

Therefore, it is called PVC Floor, so what should you pay attention to when installing Luxury Vinyl Tile?

First of all, we must first test Floating Floors to see if the floor meets the requirements. After the hardness test, the surface hardness of the base layer should not be lower than 1.2 MPa.

Floating Floors

In addition, it is necessary to carry out the sanding treatment on Luxury Vinyl Flooring where the floor needs to be laid, to remove the original stains on the surface, and to fill in the unevenness.The bottoming of Click Vinyl Flooring, the cement mixing, laying and cutting of the pavement need to be professionally adjusted. After confirming the correctness, the real construction can be entered!

Click Vinyl Flooring

The above is a summary of the specific installation of PVC Waterproof Flooring that the company has done for everyone. Welcome new and old customers to come to consult more about the floor.

PVC Waterproof Flooring