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Sports Floor

Sports Floor


Widely used in Pingpong Court, Tennis court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Field Hockey, Indoor Basketball Courts, Gym, Fitness Center, etc.

Products Description:

ItemSport Flooring Rubber Roll Flooring for Basketball Court
Overall ThicknessEN 428    4.5mm 5.0mm  6.0mm  7.0mm  8.0mm
DimensionEN 426    1.8m*15m/20m
Lead Time25 working days
ApplicationGym, Indoor Stadium…
WarrantyLight commercial: 8-10 years

Heavy commercial: 3-5 years

Sports Flooring is also called elastic floor. It is characterized by good elasticity with foaming layer and stable layer in the middle, wear layer on the surface and waterproof layer on the reverse side. It can be used in various indoor sports couts. Special sports floor can be customized for special venues such as dance room, fitness center, outdoor sports grounds and outdoor runway floors, kindergarten playground floors, playground anti-skid floors, etc. according to various needs.

Sport Flooring Rubber Roll Flooring for Basketball Court
1: Protection and safety performance
Good vibration absorption performance, equilibrium friction coefficient, and excellent ball bounce performance which can provide long-term protection for users and effectively reduce the risk of injury.

2: Environmental performance
All 100% new material, no DOP, no heavy metals, zero formaldehyde. Using antibacterial and mildew treatment, inhibit mildew.Adopting advanced knife coating technology, which makes the product has excellent comprehensive performance.

3: Diversity performance
Many designs and thickness can meet the different needs, and can be widely used in sports hall, fitness school and other place.

4: Durability performance
Pure PVC wear layer, size constant deformation, always maintain good performance.

Techincal Data: 

Technical Characteristic:

Shock absorption%12
Resistance to impact≤35mm20
Sound insulationISO 717-2dB20-30
Ball bounceDIN18032%≥98
Friction coefficirntDIN180320.45-0.65

Sport Characteristic:

Rebound values≥5%12
Tensile strength≥3.0Mpa3.3
Elongation at break≥20%136
Fire resistanceGB8624-2012B1 (B-S1)

Chemical detection:

Soluble cadmium limit≤20mg/m20.026
Volatile content≤75g/m26
Vinyl chlorride monomer≤5mg/kgNon N.D
Soluble Pb limit≤20mg/m3Non N.D
Methylbenzene + Dimethylbenzene≤0.05g/kgNon N.D
TDI≤0.2g/kgNon N.D

Installation should be carried out in accordance with local standards. Subfloor should be smooth, hard, clean and dry prior to laying. Where applicable the subfloor must incorparate an effective Damp Proof Membrane. The material must be allowed to accilimatize 24 hours before installation in a room temperature of between 18-24ºC.

An emulsion dressing is required. Maintenace should be carried out regularly to retain the apprearance and durability of the floor. The floor covering should be maintained with regular sweeping and damp mopping using a neutral cleanser, more intense cleaning should be carried out using a fine spray cleaning pad under a floor machine, or for larger areas combined machine cleaning.