Anti-static ESD Roll/Tile

Homogeneous Anti-static ESD roll/Tile be made of PVC, plasticizer, stabilizer, coupling reagents and conductive materials, has permanent anti-static function.

Surface uses PHPP technology. The full name of “PHPP” is “continous pressure airtight glossy surface treatment”. It uses the physical method, rolling the flooring in high pressure airtight space to increase its density, sealing the surface pore and adding surface gloosiness and scratch resistance. Thus the floor will be anti-pollution permanetly, easy to maintenance and preventing surface damage, making it more glossy and durable.

More Info

(1) Products Property
Karmfloor  Anti-static PVC Vinyl Floor, permanent anti-static property. The products are widely used in the place of precise instrument and professional equipment, including electronics, clean room, computer room, hospital, telecommunication, airspace, etc.

(2) Environmentally-friendly Materials
Comply with ISO14001, using European advanced production technology. Insure the raw materials and production meet European standard.

(3) Durable
Anti-static Vinyl Flooring has excellent stability and wear resistance, meet the usage of all kind of public huge traffic site, durable, perfect stress resistance and wear resistance.

Anti-static flooring

Karmfloor Conductive tile and Static-Dissipative tile should be installed on sub floors that are leveled, smooth and free of cracks. Residual humidity should be under 2.5% tested with the CM Dumb test. Tiles Floor, adhesive and installation site should reach a temperature of at least 18ºC at least 24 hours before installation. and paste the tiles with qualified conductive glue below 105 Ohm. For futher details on installation methods, please ask us.
Because Karmeen floor is unpermeable, the surface dirty is easy to clean.
Avoid sharp scratches on the floor by hard object, and maintain a smooth surface.
Cleaning the floor by neutral detergent, dry after washing, then coated with anti-static wax.
Serious dirty or spots can be used to clean the floor cleaning machine.
Widely applied to electronics, microelectronics, telecommunications, network floor, clean room, computer room and other precision instrument and room for equipment operation.

The produces conductive properties have been tested before out of the factory, in compliance with quality standards.
The sales representatives can also provides technical guidance or support in the job site.
Whithin 1 year from purchase, no product defects in the materials and technology. Compliance with Karmeen regulations for the installation and maintenance. Karmeen gives 10-year guarantee (except for human reasons).
Above guarantee replace any other assurances, including, but not limit to, any guarrantee implied in the business feasibility or special purpose.